Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Someone sent this to me "on the email"*

Check out these pavement chalkings by Julian Beever! (Scroll down to the 3D illusions set).

I had no idea such 3D illusions were possible just by using perspective like that. (In fact, I didn't believe these were real until I saw the two photos of his globe drawing: one from the illusion perspective and the other from the side, so that you could see how it was done).


Please excuse the continued blogging of photos and links in lieu of actual, written posts. This week is rather stressful. You will be returned to your regular scheduled programme, um... eventually.


* What is it with elderly people and the phrase "on the email"? This is not normal, right? Is it some sort of extension of "on the telly", or "on the phone"?


Lucy said...

I just saw some cool painted patterns inside buildings that looked like random blotches and lines unless you stood at the exact right angle for everything to line up in a pattern. I can't find the link now, unfortunately.

kristina said...

Not bad and then some--I don't know what Charlie would do with these!

I wanted to let you know that I have been thinking about what you wrote about the copula, "have," and "be," and intend to write about it all soon----hang on through the stress! It does end.

Anonymous said...

Very very cool...they baffle me.