Tuesday, June 29, 2010

See me make noob mistakes

A little tip to my past self and anyone else in a similar position

When you see a job opening that looks really awesome and that you plan on applying for, do NOT send out feelers to people who are better suited for it than you are, to see if they will be applying too. Because if they weren't already, they ARE NOW.

Hrmph. At least they're grateful to me for pointing it out.

So that was weird

I was just cycling along the footpath (which is legal in my state), and almost got run over by an oncoming car, driving at full speed, ALSO along the footpath.

Car chase? There was no obvious pursuit. Maybe he was trying to escape the imaginary policemen in his head.

In other news, I think I just snubbed the Dean. Passed a vaguely-familiar looking woman just outside our department, who grinned at me like a manic shark. I gave her my best "I don't smile at strangers this early in the morning, you freak" glare uncertain half-smile back. Five minutes later, I NOW realise who it was. Oops.

Monday, June 28, 2010

The longer version

So um, yeah. How about that? It turns out that the Real World was not all it was cut out to be. Also, Facebook turned out not to be the Real World. And when it came to the REAL Real World, I turned out not to be very good at it, or at least not as good at it as I am at blogging.

Most of the issues surrounding why I stopped blogging still stand, of course. I've decided to try to avoid posting anything here that might offend reasonable colleagues, family members, etc.* I'm sure I can still come up with amusing inoffensive things to say, and save the best of my obnoxiousness for anecdotes about random strangers. (Note to self: disguise all stories about family and colleagues so that everyone thinks they are referring to "random strangers").

I have also decided to no longer check the blog's stats, or at least not the IP addresses of people reading. Or at the very least, not to memorise the IP addresses of computers inside my department. Hmm... maybe I'm not as committed to this as I had thought I was.

And finally, it turns out that the whole not-enjoying-blogging-anymore thing was related to a general not-enjoying-anything-anymore thing, which was alleviated quite nicely through a well-calibrated prescription of happy pills. Better living through adjustment of brain chemistry FTW!

And now I will happily burrow my way back into my soft warm blog and reacquaint myself with you all in the comments. Hurrah!


* Unreasonable colleagues and family members, on the other hand, can just suck it.

*tap tap tap* Is this thing still on?

I might be back.