Thursday, January 20, 2011

Also, real estate agents suck

Today I had to deal first with a random cold-call from a mortgage broker, whose "mate" (a real estate agent who showed us a place last week) told him we might be in the market for a "good deal on a mortgage". I don't recall telling the agent he could pass on our phone numbers to his mates so that they could advertise at us, but thanks anyway.

Then I had the following call:

"Hi, it's [random agent] from [generic agency]."
"I'm calling about [address]."
"You emailed me about it last week, so I'm just returning that call."
"I'm sorry, I've sent a lot of queries to real estate agents lately: can you remind me what I asked you?"
"I don't know. I'm just getting back to you."
"But I sent you an email. Don't you have it there?"
"No, sorry."
"Could you perhaps find it and reply to it by email?"
"I'll call you back."


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it's not a good one...please stop this kind of work.
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liz said...

You're even getting spam from Real Estate Agents!!

StyleyGeek said...

I feel like I should leave that one up since he/she is precisely PROVING MY POINT.

My god.

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