Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Doomed squared

...and now I'm in trouble with the higher-ups (Head of School - not a member of our department) for this. Because HE doesn't think we should have been passing everyone. And he's the one who had to sign off on my "amended" results.

I actually agree with him, but can't exactly explain that without making it sound like I'm siding against the senior staff who told me to pass these students. I simply told him I changed the marks on the advice of certain senior colleagues, told him who they were, and to speak to them about it for more information.

And now I'm really really worried they are going to throw me under the metaphorical bus. ("What? She's passing the students who earned a fail? We never told her to do that! No! Not us!")

On the positive side, I got my student evaluations back, and one in particular made me smile. Under "Good aspects of this class" the student wrote, "StyleyGeek is excellent! She is the best teacher I've ever had!" Under "Suggested improvements", they wrote, "Raise her salary!"

Hah, if only they knew.

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Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

This whole thing sounds like an episode of 'Academic Apprentice' -- in which you must meet a series of challenges over the course of the semester. You've had the 'too many students, too few chairs' challenge, the 'assorted nut balls' challenge, the 'the fair pay' challenge, and now the 'conflicting grade policies' challenge.

Maybe this is more like Survivor -- but, you don't have to stand on a pole or eat bugs...