Tuesday, December 02, 2008

How not to respond to emails: crazy person edition

Dear colleagues,

I am compiling the centre's newsletter, and would like to invite you to email me details of any recent news or publications to include. It would be greatly appreciated if you would format your publication details using an author-date bibliographic system, so that I can just copy and paste them into the newsletter.

Colleague X

Colleague X then forwarded me people's responses to this email, as in reality I am compiling the newsletter, not her.

These are actual COMPLETE responses:

1. "Can you put in the details of my tone thingy from last year?"

2. "Wasn't there a student who finished in April? You should include his dissertation."

3. "My paper with [Colleague Y] will probably be published soon."

4. "You could write something about my grant."

5. "Don't forget my conference paper from [Big Conference earlier this year]."


Hermitage said...


*wipes tears from eyes*

I love academia, and research, and PIs, but seriously? I wonder why there isn't more adminstration on PI violence at unis.

keyword: scalin *snark*

liz said...

What a buncha maroons.

Anonymous said...

it's almost like you're not really a real person. You're a mythical gnome who magically does everyone's work when they aren't looking.