Saturday, July 03, 2010


I have one grant application under consideration, and have to complete and send in another two in the next three months.

There are two job applications due next week. One due at the end of July. And our department will be advertising at least one position later this year.

One of these things has got to work out, right?

Sometimes I allow myself to imagine, for just a second, that more than one of were to work out. And! And! I would have a choice. A delicious tasty choice about where to work. Wouldn't that be lovely?

But I'd settle for one.


Arbitrista said...

Best of luck, particularly if your job market is as bad as ours. Here's hoping!

StyleyGeek said...

Thanks, and yes, I think it is as bad :( Still, this is the largest number of opportunities to apply that have come up EVER. I think in the past three years, there have been maybe four jobs total advertised in Australasia that I was even a little bit qualified to apply for.