Friday, July 16, 2010

While we were sleeping

Well, okay, while I was having a little hiatus over the past year or so, lots of things happened. Some of them are deadly boring: I went to bed and got up more than 300 times. I had breakfast a lot. I wrote a lot of sentences. I'm pretty sure I showered. You don't need to hear about all that.

What you do need to hear about is my super cool field trip to my super cool secret location with the super cool grant funding that I did actually end up getting. I'm going to continue being cryptic about the location and all, since it is also super googleable, and now I am starting to make a name for myself in writing about it. But I'll post some little anecdotes now and again in this space, just so you don't feel you missed out.

For now, a handful of photos.

The island spent a lot of time trying to impersonate a postcard:

This is the main "town":

And this is what's for dinner (on special occasions: usually it would just be fish and rice):


Rebecca said...

Oh man, postcard island indeed. Super cool is right. I'm so glad you got that and that it all went well. Looking forward to hearing about it. Congratulations on making a name for yourself writing about it. Hard to beat having a rewarding career doing something you enjoy...especially when it involves field trips to gorgeous islands. Wow. Good job.

liz said...

Whoa. That is lovely.