Saturday, September 04, 2010

Thirteen - uh four - ways of looking at an earthquake

Conflicting reports about the Christchurch earthquake:

"Strong quake ay bro?"
"Yis bro, pretty strong."
"How strong would you say bro?"
"Strong as bro. Strong as."

My father (via email):
"You will hear that we've had a rather large earthquake in Christchurch (7.4). Just to let you know I’m okay. Couple of book cases fell over and china cabinet – so had to clean up broken crockery and now need to restore order to my library. I see on Facebook that most of my friends are bemoaning disorder to their book shelves. Better get back to work and clean up things – keep finding things that have fallen over. Hope you are well."

A sensible friend (via email):
"The only damage in our family was a broken mirror. Don’t trust what you see on TV – it’s mostly brick buildings in the inner city (which has been sealed off) that have been badly harmed, and even there it’s mostly the same buildings shot from different angles. Outside the inner city, it’s just chimneys and windows. And burglar alarms rending the night."

My mother (via phone, crying):
"It's so scary! And I couldn't sleep all night because I sat at the top of the stairs waiting for aftershocks! Because my roof might have fallen in! And I won't sleep tonight, because I don't think I should go upstairs until it's all over! And I'm so frightened! And I can't leave town because another earthquake might happen when I'm in my car and a bridge might collapse! And I'm too scared to leave the house! But I'm scared my house will fall down! And I need to go to church but I'm too scared to go into the city! The buildings might fall on my car! Or I might get shot by looters! And the radio says not to flush the toilet, but I was so scared that I really needed to take a shit, so I got a black plastic rubbish bag and put it into a bucket and—"

"You know what, Mum? I don't think I need to hear this."

"But you do! You NEED. TO. KNOW.


Bardiac said...

I hope everyone really is okay, and will recover from the fear. Earthquakes, for me, are 18 seconds (or so) of pure terror. And then I figure, if I'm alive after, I'm likely to remain alive.

But the terror is bad.

liz said...

Sending hugs to your mom.

Anonymous said...

I want to shake your mother and say "PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER WOMAN!"

EcoGeoFemme said...

I just found out you're back! I'm so happy -- this post is characteristic of your excellent sense of humor. Anyway, I really hope everyone is okay in NZ after the quake(s).

Anonymous said...

oh dear, your mother. yes, she needs what anastasia prescribes.