Friday, September 24, 2010

This is why I only go to the hairdresser once a year

Hairdresser: "After this cut, I'm off for the day. I'm going to go to the supermarket and buy a family-sized block of chocolate and eat it all by myself."
Me: "I'm impressed! I think I'd feel awful if I ate that much chocolate at once!"
Hairdresser: "You mean you'd feel guilty? Because of cheating on your diet?"
Me: "Oh, no, I just mean I'd feel sick. I'm not on a diet."

She steps back and looks me up and down. "Really? Huh."

Then, five minutes later:

Hairdresser: "So, I'm moving house right now, and it's so stressful."
Me: "I know what you mean. Do you live on your own, or share?"
Hairdresser: "On my own."
Me: "Well, then at least moving doesn't mean worrying about whether your new housemates will be crazy people, huh?"
Hairdresser: "Crazy people? Oh, like Chinese or something?"
Me *blink blink*: "No, I mean CRAZY* people."
Hairdresser: "Oh, like gays."
Me: "What??? No! Like people who steal your underpants or label the toilet paper or insist that you vacuum the cat or something."
Hairdresser: "People like that are probably druggies. You have to watch out for druggies."
Me, carefully: "Uh huh?"
Hairdresser: "Yeah, my mum's a druggie."
Me: "Oh, really? I'm sorry. That must be hard."
Hairdresser: "Yeah, like she's on these anti-depressants and vitamins and stuff. The doctor prescribes them, but it's just as bad as pot or meth, you know?"

File under "not going there again". Which is sad, because she did a cute cut:


* Like hairdressers, for instance.


Bardiac said...

This sounds like it was a nightmare at the time, but now it's hilarious, in a sick and scary sort of way.

Nice cut :)

Anonymous said...

I love it!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Love the haircut.

And if wasn't for the vitamins-as-drugs part I would say that your hairdresser is a disciple of Tom Cruise.

peterxyz said...

at least you got a good haircut out of it

... and in completely unrelated news (cos I can't see an email addr)

"In the United States ... more than 440 000 foreign-born persons
hold a PhD.14 This accounts for approximately 25% of the total stock of PhDs in the country.
The proportion of foreign-born doctorates in Sweden is comparable and in Australia and
Canada it stands even higher, at 45% and 54%, respectively."

Of course I thought of the two of you

StyleyGeek said...

Weird. I guess all the Australian PhDs go overseas (probably making up a large percentage of the USA or Canada statistics there.)

peterxyz said...

There might also bee a strong immigrant/do PhD interaction - bearing in mind its foreign born not educated

Anonymous said...

very cute hair!

profgrrrrl said...

Wow. Just wow. (for great hair and bizarro stylist)

Grace Dalley said...

Pretty hair, Styley!

Your hairdresser seems ideally suited to TV presenting!
( )