Thursday, May 22, 2008

GOOD NEWS, EVERYONE! (Miscellaneous Futurama reference. Don't mind me.)

Our mechanic says he can fix everything (plus some*) for $225. This is approximately a tenth of what I was expecting. How is this possible? He also said we need repairs to the driveshaft, but it's not urgent, not dangerous, and if he were us, he'd wait another year or so.

Good thing Geekman was the one who took the car in, because I would have been overcome with an inappropriate display of joy.

Coincidentally, I have a nice bottle of wine in the cupboard and a free evening with which to celebrate. Oh wait, no: I have a stack of 70 assignments in my bag and an evening with which to get caught up on marking.


* Some being the pre-existing slow leak in one of the tyres.