Monday, February 23, 2009

Too much Maori used in NBL commentary!

Okay, this is weird. And kind of cool. Not only is the only free-to-air coverage of the NBL semi-final on Wednesday in Maori only, but usually when someone is "not happy with the amount of Maori language content" on TV, they mean there isn't enough of it!

Foxtel has never been happy with the amount of Maori language content there is in coverage of Breakers' games
If all sports coverage in New Zealand was in Te Reo only, I wonder what that would do for the number of Pakeha enrolling in Maori language courses?


Grace Dalley said...

Indeed! What a good idea. It wouldn't make any difference to me, though -- I find sports commentary unintelligible already. ;-)

Anonymous said...

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