Thursday, August 26, 2010

How does that work?

Referee: "So, do you really want this job?"
Me: "Yes!"
Referee: "Okay then, I'll write you an excellent reference."

So, if I had only sort of wanted the job, he'd have written me a mediocre reference? WTF?


Psycgirl said...

StyleyGeek! I thought you stopped blogging! I am so happy you did not, and so sad I've missed out on so many posts!

Anonymous said...

Hey! You're back :-)

J. will be over your part of the world for conference late next month.

(commenting as anonymous as I can't remember my password for weekend_viking...)

StyleyGeek said...

Yes, I'm back! You can always read the posts in my archive :)

When will J be here, WV? And does she need accommodation?