Monday, August 23, 2010


Some photos from our cross-country skiing trip the other day:

The road on the way there, looking stereotypically Australian and as though we weren't likely to find any snow any time soon: nah, mate.
To be honest, we were still several hours drive away from the snow at that point. (I'm so envious of people like Bardiac who can step outside their door in winter and ski.)

More of the Australian stereotype:
I wish we'd got photos of the kangaroos in the snow as well, in order to collect the full set of stereotype, but they hop hop hoppity struggled away before we had a chance to wrestle our cameras out.

Some of our group spent a lot of time having little rests in the snow.

This is the same guy. I was having a good laugh at his expense while examining this photo, until I saw the tiny flat smudge of yellow about a third of the way from the right. I zoomed in, and yes, that is me. Face-planted.

And the real result of the day: my arse-bruise. More of an upper-thigh bruise, really, but arse-bruise sounds much more exciting.

More (photos, not arse-bruises) here.


Bardiac said...

Any time you want to come visit and ski here during the winter, please do! I'll happily trade you living spots for the month of January! (It's often in the 20s here most of the month, so dress warmly!)

Great photos :) The yellow jacket is super visible!

StyleyGeek said...

Thanks! (You'd better watch out, or I'll take you up on that...)

Yes, the temperatures here make skiing maybe more fun than it would be at yours. It hovers around 0C (32 F) most of the time in the snow around here.

And the yellow jacket is actually my "biking in the dark and not getting flattened by cars" jacket, but I figured it would do for a "being found if hit by an avalanche" jacket too.

Bardiac said...

The snow stays better in the 20s, around here at least.

You think I'm kidding? My house has enough room for you, your partner and a couple of your best friends! C'mon over!