Monday, August 30, 2010

Snakes! In a box!

At a market the other day, we found this guy looking quite unperturbed by the fact that one of his snakes was making a break for it:

The very next day, we got to see this beauty in the wild.
Yes, we just spent the weekend up North.

Here is one reason why we didn't go swimming. (Yes, this was also in the wild, on the Daintree River.)

This was another:

And just for good luck:


Grace Dalley said...

Too funny! Also, scary.

I'm trying to remember the Barry Crump story (allegedly true) about when he rented a shack in QLD that came with a python. He found his visitors would get frightened if "Rosie" suddenly rubbed up against them or dropped down on them, so he put a sign at the gate saying, "The python is friendly", which reduced the visitors from very few to none at all.

Leslie M-B said...

Ha! Those are some great signs. I think I saw some of them in a friend's photo set titled "Australia Wants to Kill You."