Friday, September 21, 2007

Bonus Australian wildlife!

One of the nice things about having visitors is it makes you wander around the city more. And then you see things like this:

Echidna, looking snuffly.

Water dragon, looking superior.

The same water dragon, wondering if I was ever going to stop taking photos and leave him/her the hell alone.


EA said...

Oh! I'd like an echidna of my very own!

the laughing gypsy said...

Neat photos! I'm trying to think of comparable West Virginian wildlife. Sasquatch maybe, but I don't have pictures I can post.

I enjoy your blog!

StyleyGeek said...

You'd need a steady supply of ants, EA.

And thanks, laughing gypsy. When you next see Sasquatch, I'll look forward to the photo :)

Badaunt said...

I thought the water dragon looked a bit like the monitor lizards I saw in Malaysia, but your water dragon has longer and more elegant toes, and a more supercilious expression.

Perhaps it's more evolved.

Kisha said...

That last photo is *hilarious*. He looks like he's smiling at you, with his double chin and all. An old uncle of someone perhaps...

ZaPaper said...

LIZARDS! And a ... hedgehog?


Sorry I haven't been around lately. But it's cool to catch up. Good luck with that dissertation submitting thing!