Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Two lists with a complex and unpleasant relationship to each other

Things I can't find but should be able to
My new brown trousers
My black handbag
My pajama pants. Any of them.

This doesn't make sense to me, given that this house only has three non-kitchen cupboards, and I've taken everything out of them and put it back in again twice during tonight's search already.

My day tomorrow
9am Doctor's appointment
10–11am Teach class 1
1112 Teach class 2
12 Meet with student about his essay
12:301:30pm Meeting
2pm Meet with student about her essay
34pm Teach class 3
4:30pm Leave for airport
5:40pm Fly to Adelaide for conference

And it looks like I'll have to do it all without trousers or pajama pants.


Bardiac said...

That's a busy day! Good luck with your trip and all.

PhilosopherP said...

They are probably in the box that is missing from our move -- it has some DVDs in it, the kitchen scissors and the extra copy of my logic textbook.

Aurelius said...

So naturally, if they are in a cupboard, and they aren't in the three non-kitchen ones, they must be in the kitchen.

StyleyGeek said...

Yeah, I finally got desperate enough to check the kitchen cupboards too, but no luck. Not even in the fridge. It just makes no sense to me. There isn't enough room in this place for one missing item to be hiding, let alone three. It's a conspiracy.