Sunday, September 09, 2007

More observations from the assignment

It's so disappointing when a student misinterprets the instructions for an assignment, and by doing so sets themselves a task that I would never assign, is boring as hell, and will probably put them off linguistics for life.

And then I have to try and work out how to mark it.


Bardiac said...

Is it possible to not accept it and have the student turn in a version doing the correct assignment? Unfair to others? Too much extra work for one or both of you?

Secret Squirrel said...

The problem is I don't have the students' email addresses unless they have already mailed me sometime, which she hasn't (don't even get me started about this: it drives me crazy). So I can't contact her until the first day after the break, which is when I want to return the assignments and discuss them in class. I think the class would hate her A LOT if they had to wait an extra couple of weeks to get their assignments back because of her.