Monday, September 24, 2007

The weeks of doom are nearly at an end

Two weeks ago I sobbed all over Geekman, brandishing a list of upcoming things I had to do before mid-October, any one of which had the potential to be a horrible disaster. Now I think I'm finally over the hump, and nothing has gone at all wrong yet.

  • Finish marking 82 assignments.
  • Design the next piece of assessment.
  • Pre-prepare two weeks' worth of lectures and tutorials.
  • Organise the first round of a competition for an organisation I belong to.
  • Organise and run a dinner and the semi-finals of this competition: approx 50 attendees.
  • Host two sets of house-guests.
  • Write conference paper.
  • Attend conference.
  • Submit dissertation.
Although the final item on that list is kind of a big one, you wouldn't believe how reassuring it feels to have got this far.


Dr.John said...

You are so organized that you scare me.

StyleyGeek said...

Hee. At first I thought you were joking. Then I saw you linked to me, and so maybe you are serious.

You do realise that this conference paper I haven't written yet is for FRIDAY, right? Not feeling very organised right now.

Maybe the two weeks of pre-prepared lectures thing made you think I was organised. The only reason I managed to convince myself to do that was that I had two weeks full of house guests, followed by half a week at a conference, with only three days between the two. So pre-preparing the lectures was the only option here.

Anyway, right now I feel as far from organised as it is possible to get. It's like I am juggling 10 balls at once and only just manage to concentrate long enough to catch each one and throw it up again before the next one hits. Any minute I am terrified I'll realise there is one I didn't see at all, and it will fall and start a chain reaction that knocks the others down as well. AND I'm doing it all underwater and haven't been up for air for the last 10 days. I'm taking a breath now, but don't know when the next one's coming.

I guess if all else fails, I can open a shop selling mixed metaphors.

Jana said...

Congratulations on your progress!

And I agree with Dr John: you do seem to be very organised. You may be juggling ten balls at once, but you don't seem to be dropping any of them. I'm very impressed. Seriously!

(Three days to go...)