Monday, November 19, 2007

NZ has cool birds too

These videos of Woof Woof, the talking tui, are amazing. I especially like the first one.

All the tui we used to get in our garden in NZ were very aloof, so I never saw them close up. I never realised quite how much green and blue is in their feathers until now.


Bardiac said...

When it first talked, I thought, "Wow, it's got an Australian (or New Zealand? I wouldn't be able to tell without help) accent."

And then I thought, doh!

I'm such a dork. :|

Badaunt said...

He sounded perfectly clear to me!

Actually, I didn't even know that tuis could talk. That was amazing.

I also watched the video of the little morepork. What funny little things they are, and what amazing eyes. I used to hear them all the time up in the bush behind our place in Wellington.

One of my friends, who lives up on a hill surrounded by bush, went out to get her newspaper one morning and found it, as usual, lying rolled up on the path up to the house, and next to it was a stunned morepork. The paper delivery guy used to throw the rolled up paper out the window of his van, and had very good aim. I don't think he was aiming for the morepork, though. It was just one of those unfortunate accidents that the bird was flying home and its flight path coincided with the flight path of the newspaper.

She took the morepork to the vet, who took care of it for a few days and then released it back into the wild, so the story had a happy ending.

Badaunt said...

Just watched again. I like the way Woof Woof says "Eh?" a lot.

Also, his voice is quite deep, isn't it? It's kind of unexpected.

StyleyGeek said...

I was surprised by the depth of the voice too. I would have thought you would have to be bigger than a tui to create that sort of pitch.

And I love your morepork story. That would make a great children's book.

L.S. said...

I don't know if you've seen this or not, but this is a video of Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo. He's got the beat!