Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Jurisdiction: you're doing it wrong

From a NZ news story today:

The Ross family were fined after son James, 26, cleaned out his car and put the rubbish in a Wellington City Council bin in Shelly Bay Rd.
Incensed that her son had been penalised for doing the right thing, she considered legal action against the council. "I said to my husband that I would go to court. I would have gone to America to see [President] George Bush. I was going to go all the way, too damned right."
WTF? Also, over-reaction: you're doing it right.


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I fail to see the issue here. Is not the US the ruler of the universe? Is not Georgie W Bush the head of all? Is he not the alpha and the omega???

I'm cereal here. Splain it to me!

a proud ameridan
(aka shrinky)

Anonymous said...

you know, I'm pretty sure George Bush doesn't care. wouldn't even, really, if you lived on the right continent. Unless you've got an untapped deposit of oil in your back yard...