Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Final egg update (well, for now, anyway)

When last we left our valiant heroine embryos, 21 of them had successfully fertilized. The reports up until Sunday were quite cheerful, but then the "Scientist" started to be cagey and said calming things like, "We can't tell for sure whether they have stopped developing, or if they're just slow," and "Claudia should come to Sydney on Monday as planned, but we can't say whether the transfer* will go ahead then or not."

The transfer DID, however, go ahead. There WAS a successful five-day embryo to transfer, and three more to freeze.

So although the numbers are lower than we had initially expected, there's a pretty good chance of success even with this first attempt, and a few back-ups just in case.

The doctor who did the transfer was an utter and total wanker, however: rude, patronising and completely unprofessional. The details are not my story to share, but if anyone reading this is considering IVF in Sydney, please email me and I'll tell you who it was and why you want to stay (in a galaxy***) far far away.


* "The transfer" sounds so much less squicky than "The Implantation" (of DOOOOM**).
** Somehow that bit of the sentence just appeared in this post for no reason under my control at all.
*** That bit of the sentence also turned up unexpectedly. My blog posts are now writing themselves. (*rubs hands together in glee*


Jana said...

[in utter mystification] Where in the original post is the double-asterisk reference?

StyleyGeek said...

It's a footnote to the first footnote! The double asterisk is hiding behind the close brackets.

I guess as well as the spontaneously appearing phrases, my blog is suffering from a fit of +10 to over-punctuation.

liina said...

I just had to say that you're one brave woman for having gone through the whole thing...

Queen of West Procrastination said...

Was that "of DOOOOOM" for me? And I absolutely love the double-footnote.

StyleyGeek said...

Liina - if it works, it will be worth it. And it really wasn't that bad, except for the OHSS afterwards (which I haven't really blogged about because I don't yet have sufficient distance to do so humorously). And even that was supposedly only a "moderate" case (I wouldn't want to get a severe one, that's for sure.)

QoWP - of course that was for you! :)