Monday, February 18, 2008

Home again home again, jiggerty slump.

The foreseen wedding disaster did not occur. The bridge was repaired in time. Thank you for all the helpful suggestions.

We got to have a different wedding disaster instead. It poured with rain and was impossible to hold the ceremony here as intended:

The bride swore a lot and got horribly drunk (to "calm her nerves") and demanded we have the wedding outside anyway, but we compromised and held it under a tree in the garden of the lodge instead. The bride spent the rest of the night throwing up.

Here is a photo of some sheep:

We got back from the wedding exhausted, but just in time to help my mother prepare, hold, and clear up after her "I'm still not dead" party. Then we had four hours sleep and left for the airport at 4:45 this morning, New Zealand time, which equals 2:45am Aussie time. It is now 9:04pm Aussie time and I should have been asleep long ago.

Amusingly, the church hall where my mother held her party consists of two rooms, one of which was in use for an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. A few alcoholics came into our room by mistake, spotted the table laden with champagne and wine, and their eyes widened. I could see them thinking, "This is the best AA meeting EVER."

Here is a random picture of some pretty mountain scenery from up where we had the wedding. You may recognise it from Lord of the Rings, or The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

Things have changed around Arthur's Pass since these movies. It used to be that you could drive out there and hardly see anyone. Now there are buses full of tourists pulled up in various places in the middle of nowhere, earnestly consulting their guidebooks, and taking pictures of grass. There was also a corrugated iron goat shed with "Narnia" graffitied on the side.

But it's still pretty.

In other random weird family news (where "weird" should be taken to modify "family", not "news"), my father has discovered Facebook ("Styleygeek! You have a Facebook! I want one too!). He now needs to learn about privacy settings. I do not need to see the soppy Valentine's messages he sends to the mistress he still pretends does not exist. (She does too! She has "a Facebook" to prove it.)

In weird non-family news, I seem to have returned to a spectacular departmental row. Everyone is sending vicious emails to each other and CCing everyone else in on them. I'm caught in the middle, since it started because my course was clashing with two others (not my fault - I didn't schedule it). I'm torn between horror and amusement.


wolfa said...

I want a picture of an iron goat shed called Narnia.

Also, I like the idea of making everything into count nouns. I have a facebook. I am writing a blog today.

Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Welcome Home!!

I love department fights when I'm not involved in them... academics fight so dirty and over so little...

In terms of your particular fight, how did they not notice the three-way schedule conflict months ago?? Our schedule that will start in August 08 was final two weeks ago.... it started goodness knows when...

post-doc said...

My goodness, those photos are gorgeous. Wow.

And I hope amusement wins for your reaction to the department tiff. My best advice for dealing with enraged academics is to back away slowly.

CAE said...

Beautiful photos - but, having just watched Black Sheep, the second one made me shudder!

Oh, and welcome to tourist hell. I grew up in York, England, which is a beautiful historic town, full of so many tourists that you can't even make it to the post office and back on your half hour lunch break because of the crowds. Yerch.

Anonymous said...

it sounds like the best wedding ever.

look! sheep!

Kelly said...

I'm glad you're back - welcome home! I missed your entries, though I followed the humor with Twitter.

The wedding sounds both cool and scary. Drunk bride? Hmmm.

As for the department row, I hope you will extract/reword the most hilarious parts of the emails to share with us. I can't imagine how pithy a tiff in a linguistics department must be.

grace said...

I thought of you on Saturday, when the rain was...persisting down.

Glad the wedding was reasonably successful despite all that!

Nice photos of the high country.

ScienceGirl said...

Gorgeous! Oh, and aren't vicious departmental emails the best?

Badaunt said...

No trumpets? What a missed opportunity. With all that rain, they could have been gurgling trumpets!

These pictures are making me all excited about my upcoming trip, although all that space might give me vertigo. I'm not used to it any more.

StyleyGeek said...

Wolfa - I didn't get a picture of that, but I bet other people did. I'll see if I can track one down.

ITPF - I think they didn't notice because the Intro course I am teaching used to have an evening repeat, so clashes with the morning stream didn't matter. And although they cancelled the evening repeats last year, I think no one bore that in mind when looking at the schedule: they are just all used to ignoring clashes with Intro.

Kelly - I don't know that I can post rewordings of emails: it's all too context-specific. But I can report that the most recent escalation is into a furious fight about whether "encourage" means the same as "expect", and the number of people CCed (and their height in the hierarchy) has increased with each email :)