Thursday, February 07, 2008

The teaching anxiety dreams begin

Last night I dreamed it was the first day of my new lecturing gig, and I was standing at the front of the class, reading the syllabus aloud (which is weird, because I would totally never do that). On one side of the room, all the faculty members were sitting and taking notes on my (in)competence. On the other side, four students were yelling at each other at the top of their voices, and two were having a punch-up. I kept trying to catch their attention to let them know they weren't allowed to fight and shout in class, but they ignored me.

Finally I threw all my notes on the floor and stormed out. Our head of department came up to me then and explained that student misbehaviour was a direct consequence of class not being interactive enough, and that I needed more group activities.

Bring on the semester. Yeah.


Psycgirl said...

Oh my god - I've totally had the same dream. It never came true though, just to reassure you!

grace said...

Did you happen to be naked as well? Cos you'd think that would get their attention ;-)

Badaunt said...

Are you SURE that was a dream and you hadn't ended up in one of my classes by mistake? I think I recognize those students.