Friday, February 23, 2007

10 weird things about me

I was tagged by Geeka for this meme, which is very exciting because no one has ever tagged me for anything before. So here you are. I hope these things are weird enough:

  1. I can't sleep with the wardrobe door open. It feels like my clothes are staring at me and creeps me out.
  2. There is no food I don't like. As a kid I hated bananas, peanut butter, and cheese, but through the gateway drugs of fried bananas with maple syrup, peanut butter chocolates (yay America!) and parmesan, I have gradually come to treasure all three.
  3. I have a whole bunch of half-siblings who I've never even met (as well as others who I have).
  4. My father is a priest (3 and 4 are not related).
  5. My potplants always die within two months of me taking ownership of them. Cacti take longer, but still shrivel up and cark it in the end.
  6. I have lived in 16 different houses in 13 different cities in four different countries. That's an average of a different house every year and a half throughout my life.
  7. As a kid I got teased for having big lips, a big bum and long legs. When grownups said I'd be glad of these features later, I never believed them. Now I am happier with my body than I have ever known any other woman to be with hers. (Not because it's spectacularly beautiful or anything, but see #9 below).
  8. I have never owned a TV.
  9. I think my happiness level is naturally set higher than everyone else's. My default mood when nothing good or bad has happened recently is that the world is awesome, I am awesome,* and I can't wait for the rest of the day because awesomeness is just bound to happen. If something good happens, I get even higher, and I bounce back from negative events more quickly than most people I know.
  10. This probably makes me very irritating to be around.

* Okay, so maybe this is more like narcissism than optimism.


geekman said...

Regarding no. 7: But it is spectacularly beautiful.

And I'm not just saying that because I'm biased, either; as a physicist I'm trained to be objective ;)

StyleyGeek said...

Okay, so that might be the other reason why I'm so secure about my body: my husband says things like that about it :)

Badaunt said...

Your first meme? Your first ever meme?

I'll have to see what I can do about that!

(Warning: you do get a bit tired of them eventually...)

Also, comments like that are what husbands are FOR.

Ianqui said...

Potplants. Teehee. That's funny in American English. I think we can only say "potted plants" to get across the concept that you're trying to convey (as opposed to the illegal variety).

Geeka said...

Re: Number 9.

I am the opposite. I refuse to believe anything is good, going to work etc, because if it doesn't no dissappointment, if it does, pleasantly surprised.

Thanks for being a great tagee.

StyleyGeek said...

Uh yeah. I didn't mean the illegal sort, Ianqui!

Badaunt: I have done memes before, but not because anyone has tagged me.

Miss M. said...

Aha! Another incurable optimist!

Jana said...

OK, Styleygeek, I picked up on your meme. It was actually quite hard to do. I sat there, hands poised, thinking, "Is this weird enough?"