Monday, February 26, 2007

How to spot a good person

They are the ones who stop to converse with birds.

Not necessarily people like me (I tend to blurt out a loud "Helloooooooo BIRDIES!", which promptly scares them away), but the ones who wish a quiet good morning to passing cockatoos, and people like the man I saw this morning, who nearly trod on a magpie but then graciously begged its pardon.


Geeka said...

I have to say that I say "excuse me" to my cats all the time, but the dog always gets a really loud: MOVE! Occasionally, the guinea pig gets a "scoot".

I don't know, but the dog always seems dumber.

StyleyGeek said...

Well also, dogs are going to keep on with their tail-wagging slobbering love no matter what. But if you say something to a cat in the wrong tone of voice, she might disown you for life.

LaKisha said...

or pee on your clothes.

Breena Ronan said...

Yay! I always talk to the birds. I thought I was pretty much the only one. :)