Monday, February 05, 2007

Highlight of last night's phone call from my mother

The report on her recent attempt to teach my aunt to sell things online:

It took us four hours to download the photo we had taken onto the website, because we had to make it smaller, and I went to do it in Paint, but Paint wouldn't resize it, so I had to phone your cousin, and it turns out the problem was [sound of furious concentration] the problem was that the computer wasn't running Windows XP, it was running Office 2000, and... Office 2000, well, it's not a good... it's not a good one.

And now I have visions of the makers of non-Windows operating systems using that tag-line to sell their products to the elderly and confused:

"Office 2000: It's not a good one."

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Badaunt said...

It's true! It's not!

(See my recent adventures with OSX and new Macs.)