Friday, February 23, 2007

Despite what it looks like (shameless gossiping), I do actually feel sad for her too

Okay, so celebrity gossip is not exactly what this blog's all about and no doubt I'm about to horrify my regular readers. But I just got some gossip via my office mate, who has Sources, and who was therefore the first person in the entire universe to hear about for instance Steve Irwin's death.

So her sources just came through again and said that Britney Spears has just tried (and thankfully failed) to kill herself.

Just thought you'd like to know before the rest of the internets do.

(Is my credibility entirely shot now?)


Anastasia said...

ohhh...if that's true, I feel very sad for her.

Jana said...

Google agrees with you. I feel very sorry for her, as well. She had her first #1 song when she was seventeen, and she's been hyperfamous since then. I firmly believe anyone should be able to crack up quietly now and then without having the whole world watch.