Friday, April 25, 2008

"Dear Student: no."

My tutor got this email from one of our students recently:

Dear [Random Collection of Letters Approximating Tutor's Name],

I am a visual learner. Can you please make me visual aids for all the classes so far and email them to me?

Also, if I send you my notes for the course, can you go through them and check that they are correct?

Student with an Impressive Sense of Entitlement.


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Goodness.... I'm aghast.

The poor dear was probably told they are a 'visual learner' by some fool who learned the types of learners, but the student didn't realize that being a visual learner is simply a learning style preference, not a handicap.

If you make visual aids for this one, the kinesthetic learner will make you choreograph a dance for them to perform for each lecture. Just say no.

Bardiac said...

Oh, I want a choreographed dance about schwa deletion!!!!!