Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Another example of why they don't often let Geekman interact with students*

Geekman: "What have you been up to this afternoon?"

Me: "Lots of students came by to talk about their assignments. Most of them wanted to know how to get more marks in future, and I politely explained that they should try actually reading the questions and answering them, rather than making up their own random unconnected tasks. But then as usual there were a few students I feel really sorry for because there is no way they will ever pass the course. They are just terminally dim. I have tried explaining the material over and over, and they have spent lots of time and effort on it, but they are still so far from understanding even the simple concepts that there's nothing else they can do. I have no advice for them at all."

Geekman: "I do."

Me: "What?"

Geekman: "Don't breed."


* See also examples one and two.

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Arbitrista said...

Ha! Geekman is my hero.