Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The dangers of a research-only job

As Geekman leaves the house:

"I have to meet with my new undergraduate today and talk to him about his project. I don't know how to interact with undergraduates. Is it enough to talk slowly, or do I have to shout?"


Kisha said...

he he he he. But really Geekman, I am usually very impressed with undergrads and their research. And they listen/respond much better than our colleagues do when we give them advice!

shrinkykitten said...

I think you have to use textspeak! RU my stu-dent?

BTW, there is a new episode of flight of the conchords ... i just downloaded it (not so legally; I don't have hbo) last night, so haven't watched it yet - but there are clips on youtube - search ofr flight of the coonchords and sort by date to see the newest ones.

Twirly said...

Yes my undergrad and her research was awesome - the trick - make them keep the most detailed lab/research notebook ever - that way you can always go back and figure out what the heck they did exactly

Kisha said...

shrinky kitten! u r so vry right!