Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Physicists like to interpret things literally

Geekman enters with an envelope. "I got this from the real estate agents who manage the apartment. It's an envelope full of receipts for every rent payment we made for the whole past year."

Me: "Is there a letter or something to explain why they sent it?"

Him: "Just this piece of notepaper. It says 'with compliments'." He looks disappointed. "But they didn't give us any compliments. They could at least have said you have nice hair."


Vinny said...

He slays me, that guy does.

a Shi said...

If they didn't want to sound bad giving a false complement, they could have said "You're a very considerate person for reading this note. Thanks you."

a Shi said...

Or even "Thank you."

wwwmama said...

That's so great.