Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Not already.

I had my first teaching anxiety dream last night, and there's still two and a half weeks to go before classes start. Maybe I should just give up sleeping between now and then. (Actually, that might tie in well with my goal to get the dissertation finished).

In last night's dream, a senior member of our department had come along to observe my first class, and he kept butting in and trying to take over teaching the class every time I paused for breath. Then he arrested four of my students for disorganised thinking. (Did you know that was a crime?)

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shrinkykitten said...

You need sleep! It is impossible to dissertate and to teach without it! Instead, mayhaps you ought give up the muffin economy - for now.

And so apparently I am going to jail now both for stealing toilet paper AND for disorganized thinking. Or is this just an AUS thing?