Sunday, June 03, 2007

Maybe this tool could write my thesis for me

The virtual academic sentence generator really did come up with this exchange for me on my first click!

Pootwattle the Virtual Academic(TM) says:

The delegitimization of linguistic transparency is strictly congruent with the epistemology of the public sphere.

Smedley Smedley the Virtual Critic(TM) responds:

Pootwattle's paradoxical yet not contradictory work on the relationship between the delegitimization of linguistic transparency and the epistemology of the public sphere risks being merely polemical.

(Seen at Chicago Beijing)


Gnome said...

That's fun. If only it made sense...

Maxine Wilson said...

Haha! Well, maybe someday, when the tool are perfected and can make sense. It might actually give you what you need from thesis abstract sample until the very last chapter of the paper. Maybe you just need to insert all the information you gather, and viola! The perfect research paper people dream of. Yeah, If only….