Thursday, June 14, 2007

Thus spake Geekman

Gah! I only saw Miss M's comment when I arrived to do the judging. Too late for bribes, unfortunately, otherwise I would have totally been up for being bought off.

Enough prepositions! On with the judging.

Anonymous with "Can't talk, eating" definitely appealed, and might have won if 1) they weren't anonymous, and 2) I hadn't been worried that I was being influenced by the fact that "Can't talk, eating" is pretty much all I think about anyway.

So, I award first place to... Dr. Brazen Hussy for "How you like them black-eyed peas, Earl?"*


If Styleygeek wants to award a prize for runner up, that will go to Geeka for the most creative approach to coming up with a caption, i.e. bending the rules. I'm all for bending the rules.


Added by me, StyleyGeek (because I am totally incapable of letting someone else have the floor for five minutes):

I will indeed award a prize for runner up. The runner up will get a slightly inferior postcard. So if Dr. Brazen Hussy and Geeka are brave enough to email me their real addresses, a letterbomb postcard will be soon be on its slow and international way to each of you. Hooray!


* You can look it up on Wikipedia; I had to. (SG)


Bardiac said...

Congrats to the winners!

Postcards rock!

Dr. Brazen Hussy said...

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This has totally made my day. Hooray!! Will email my address right away.

Geeka said...

I knew that I recognized the Earl comment, but i didn't just get it until like 5 minutes ago.
Makes so much sense now.

I don't do so well with rules...

StyleyGeek said...

Well done, Brazen Hussy! That is indeed the appropriate level of excitement!

Geeka, you need to work on your WOOOO. And your HOOO. But congratulations anyway! I loved the cigar.

Miss M. said...

Congrat to DrBH! I didn't get it at first, but thanks to wiki I loves it!
And Geeka's pic was way awesome!

JustMe said...

hehe, yay dr. bh! *now* i get the cultural reference! that song is awesome by the way.