Sunday, June 17, 2007

Linux geek = science fiction reader: discuss

On Friday one of my committee members (the geeky one) stopped by my office, and I showed him the pretty new version of Ubuntu I had installed. With Beryl! Hence wobbly windows! And desktop-on-a-cube! He was very impressed.

Then he suddenly got this expression that, in a cartoon, would be represented by a lightbulb appearing above his head. "I have the new Charles Stross book!" he said proudly. "You can borrow it when you finish your thesis."

I laughed at him. "Are you trying to find me an incentive to finish? Do you think the promise of a new book to read would do it?"

"It's Charles Stross!" he said. Then, obviously fearing this might not be enough, "I've got all the Alastair Reynolds books as well."


Karin Dalziel said...

I use Linux, and have never been much of a science fiction reader. Maybe I'm defective?

grace said...

You obviously gave the secret handshake without knowing it!

Jana said...

Beryl looks absolutely amazing. If I ever switch from Mac, that's what I'm switching to. It has several Mac features, I see (the F9 feature is one I use all the time, and the zoom-a-window function is fun).

Perhaps your next migration will actually be to Mac! Welcome to the threshold of the club! :-)

StyleyGeek said...

Why would I do that when I can theme Beryl to look just like OSX? :)

Badaunt said...

OSX does a cube-like thing when you switch users, I discovered to my surprise when I set up a new user on mine. When I saw that I did a puppy-like yelp and called The Man. "Watch this!" I said, and did it again. And again. And again.

And I'm not even a geek.

Miss M. said...

And TWO (!) science fiction books isn't incentive to finish? What is the world coming to!

Badaunt - in denial of geekiness, eh?

Geeka said...

Do you find that your committee members say things like 'finish' instead of 'leave' or 'graduate'?
Mine is getting separation anxiety.
Wondered if it is a fluke.

StyleyGeek said...

Actually, yes, Geeka. My supervisor even started talking about something in 2009 a while ago, and when I mentioned I might not be there, she gave me this look of total surprise and then said, "Bummer. Yeah. I always forget students graduate and go away."

I'm all for them not making us leave, though. Just keep paying me and I'll stay FOREVER.