Friday, June 01, 2007

Does not want ok thnx*

This really stinks. No, literally. (Where "literally" means "literally", not "metaphorically", even.) Every time I go outside I discover a sudden need to stop breathing.

Make it go away.


* Yes, I'm still spending too much time looking at LOLcats.


liina said...

I would so rather be where you are. Even with the stink, I'm sure the city doesn't resemble a garbage bin quite as well as the city I'm in does.

liina said...

(you're not going to comment on my bad grammar, are you? :)

StyleyGeek said...

No, because (a) I wouldn't do that and (b) you don't have any. (Not that I can see, anyway).

grace said...

Dear Styley
Maybe this is an opportunity to give thanks for modern plumbing, which saves everybody's backyard from stinking, most of the time. :-)
of course I can say that with impunity as Parklands smells just fine! Probably on account of the prevailing easterly off the sea sweeping the bad air inland.

shrinkykitten said...

Well, I will say this: at least your government apologizes when your city smells like waste. IN summer, our sewers get really steamy and pump out horrific smells - coupled with the smell of horse urine (from the truly awful horse drawn carriages) our city smells oh-so-yummy once the weather gets a little warm.