Monday, June 04, 2007

Creoles is must be fun

One of ShrinkyKitten's posts today included the sentence "I need can has kitten!" and this reminded me of a weird-ass creole example I came across somewhere. The sad thing is that I copied it down when reading a book on a whole bunch of creoles months ago, and I didn't take note of which creole it was from, since I planned to post it right away and figured I'd remember. But for what it's worth, here is coolness:

"I must be's right."
"What, you must be is right?"
"No, I must be was right when I wrote it."

If you are totally confused, see the explanation after the fold.

This creole uses "must be" as a stronger equivalent of "maybe". Read the exchange again, replacing "must be" with "maybe" and making the verb ("is") agree with the subject (i.e. "I am, you are") as in Standard English, and I guarantee everything will make much more sense.


Anastasia said...

kinda reminds me of "might could"

shrinkykitten said...

Are you saying I'm a weird creole? Harumpf.

StyleyGeek said...

Yeah, "might could" is pretty cool too.