Friday, April 11, 2008

This is teh awesome

This haiku generator gave me some great haikus created from my blog. Apparently my blog is all about:

Trivial mundanities:

if you really
like me better than those guys
i'll show you a bag

reasons to mention
it it might be easier to
have an iron

i need to buy a
thicker whiteboard marker
i requested one

The realities of academia:

supervisor is
also expected to do
research and service

Shameless self-promotion

pretty in pink look
at me i'm prettier than they
are too expensive


a gang gang made a
noise like a squeaky door why
are you doing this

to rustle there was
a swooping and a squawking
and a chattering

How I'm not from around here:

hour before bedtime
it's my accent isn't
it i just found out

new zealand news is
just weird turns out they are they're
just boring and grey

And finally, a general summary of what my blog's about:

serious weirdness
potential and it might save
her from eating her

(Seen at The Hussy's).