Thursday, April 24, 2008

Desktop on my desktop

I was tagged for this meme by Jana surreptitiously via email. I think this could be a whole new fashion: doing memes without posting them on your blog. But I'm going to break the chain and share the result with you.

This is my office desktop.

Notable highlights:

  • Left mid: Coffee. For working purposes.
  • Upper left: Window. For parrot purposes.
  • Upper not-so-left: My desktop. Ubuntu. The background changes randomly every 30 minutes. Currently some generic abstract picture of crystals.
  • Just right of the computer: plan of all the work I had been going to do during the semester break. Mostly not crossed off, alas.
  • Just right of that: My Communist Leaking Mug. Which never holds enough red pens. (The world does not hold enough red pens; such are my students. Ha! Just kidding! They are awesome! (And they read here.))
  • Right lower quadrant: Big stack of assignments. The sticky note on top says "Re-mark: these are too lenient." I guess they were the ones I did after drinking a little to numb the horror. (See above for obligatory "ha just kidding" disclaimer.)
  • Mid right: Wall chart listing all the branches of Indo-European with dates of first attestation, approximate dates of dialect divergence, and dates of extinction (where appropriate). I love this chart so much I want to marry it. (Sorry, Geekman. We can be polygamous.) Updated to say: Get your own copy here!
  • Bottom right: Dialect Change: Convergence and Divergence in European Languages. You have to love a book that gives good subtitle.
I guess I should tag people now.

I vaguely remember people posting pictures of their workspaces a while back, so if you already did this, feel free not to bother. Bearing that in mind, I tag:


Jana said...

Please note that it's not of your working desktop, it's of the desktop you blog from. Which may not be the same place.

StyleyGeek said...

Memes: I'm doing them wrong.

But I didn't know! There weren't instructions!

Oh well. I blog from my work computer sometimes too. *Hangs head in shame*.

Ianqui said...

Just FYI--I'm leaving for a conference in a few hours, but if I remember when I get back, I'll show all y'all my new computer with an awesome 19" flat panel UltraSharp monitor when I get back.

Bardiac said...

Ooo, fun! I'll get my camera!

Queen of West Procrastination said...

You know, Anastasia was dreaming about being polygamous in Australia...

Bardiac said...

Wah, blogger has locked me out of my blog while they check to see if it's a spam blog. :(

And I took a picture and EVERYTHING! You can even see the tatami room!

I'm having withdrawal symptoms.