Tuesday, April 01, 2008

What Geekman does for fun

Last night, this was re-deriving the equations here so he can edit the page* and make it all better.

This meant our conversations yesterday went along the following lines:

"Geekman, you know what? We had three fire drills yesterday."
"Hold on, I've lost a minus sign."


"Do you want to watch some TV?"
"No, the whole page is full of errors. I'm going to have to totally rewrite it."


"Geekman, why exactly are you doing this?"
"It's my job!"
"No, actually. Editing Wikipedia is not your job."
"But educating the masses is!"

Because the masses? They spend a lot of time hanging out at the calculating a physical force arising from a quantized field page and trading functional integrals.


* If you're a physicist and looking at that page, Geekman hasn't actually put his edits up yet, so it's still full of errors.


Mikael said...

That sounds as if Geekman still has the .se university system attitude ingrained. In Sweden, the Universities are mandated to fulfill the Three Tasks:
1. Research.
2. Education.
3. Transmit the current stand of knowledge to the surrounding society.

That Third Task tends to be difficult for universities to really deal with, and a great way for the Young Scientists Association to get money and participation:
"Hi, we're a bunch of Organized Kids, and we want to solve your problems of thinking of things to do for the third task for you. Can we have less money than you spend on staples, so that we can make Cool Things with other kids, please?"

Sarah said...

I am just glad to hear that Geekman still looses minus signs

Anonymous said...

In which case, if he hasn't seen this xkcd cartoon, he needs to be shown it...


StyleyGeek said...

Mikael - he never actually studied in Sweden, so unless the system is genetic, I don't think that's the reason...

Sarah! I didn't know you were here! Welcome to the party :)

Stellar Muddle - that's hilarious!