Wednesday, January 10, 2007


This description of summertime in New Zealand might be a little flowery and overly nostalgic. But it made me start looking forward to our trip on Friday.

I especially love this passage:

Summer is sunburned and snoozing, stoned and sated, sizzling a sausage, smoking outside in the warm evening, wanting and having sex, having and not wanting another drink but, oh well, it can't hurt. Summer is playing all sorts of games - summer is the dumb, happy childishness of New Zealand life. No one is around to tell us what to do, apart from the police, the fire service, surf lifesavers and the Department of Conservation.

Politics has closed down. Prime Minister Helen Clark is on holiday; you imagine her clenching her teeth as she stares down some light reading. The man who may be our next prime minister, John Key, is on holiday; you imagine him lying by the pool as he listens to audio tapes on how to develop charisma.

Read the rest here, shivering away in your icy Northern Hemisphere winters, and envy me my summer!


Inside the Philosophy Factory said...

Sounds a bit like summer in Minnesota -- but, more than likely without the humidity and the mosquitoes.

Jana said...

Apparently summer has actually arrived! Matthew blogged that it had been the coldest summer for 60 years (we had the fire on most days when I was there, and the temperature was often warmer in Zurich (which is undergoing its own non-winter) than at home).

But I was told during a phone call yesterday that summer (23 degrees for 3 days) had arrived, and was predicted to continue until at least the end of the week!

StyleyGeek said...

Going from 36 degrees here, I'm not sure that 23 is going to feel all that summery :)

We have had a low-temp summer though too, up until this week. We started off well, with high 30s in October. Then we've barely had above 25 since then until this week.

Arbitrista (formerly Publius) said...

Who could tolerate the burden of so much fun? :)