Monday, January 01, 2007

Happy New Year!

It's only the first day of 2007 and I already have a long catalogue of sins.

Father forgive me for I...

  • Forgot to take my camera to the fireworks last night, which were incidentally quite spectacular, and as usual probably averaged out to a cost of thousands of dollars per spectator. (Ninety-five percent of this city evacuates to Sydney on public holidays.)
  • Hosted a party for which I never got around to doing any shopping. (On the plus side, this means I made a net gain of two bottles of wine, a nice cheese, a whole pile of chocolate, eggs, a lettuce, grapes and some smoked salmon. And that's not counting everything I ate (but didn't provide) last night.)
  • Sent one of the guests out to the shops when I thought we were going to run out of drinks, giving them no money and crappy instructions that caused them to walk for half an hour in the wrong direction. Then never even got around to opening the wine they came back with.
  • Created the sort of party atmosphere in which people sat around reading dictionaries to each other. (Yes, really.)
  • Told my guests they could stay over but then didn't have enough blankets or pillows to go around. Discovered this after they had all drunk too much to go anywhere else.
  • Lay in bed this morning until I could hear that one of my guests had done all the cleaning up, and another had started cooking me breakfast.
  • Sent the same person out to the shop again to get extra eggs. And still didn't give him any money.
Plus, I just generally suck as company right now.

I have to finish revising my current chapter before the wind changes and I'm stuck in the role of the Evil Styleygeek forever.


betty said...

i've done the third and the last thing. i felt crappy.

but at least you had a party and it was fun! happy new year!

Pilgrim/Heretic said...

Happy New Year!

LaKisha said...

Sounds like a fun party. Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

Okay - what's the backstory - were you stoned out of your gourd or something? I have a hard time believing all of this occurred. there must be some context - you aren't this evil.


StyleyGeek said...

No backstory. I'm just evil, I guess.

There are mitigating factors, like that I am totally absorbed in rewriting a chapter right now and all my friends know it; these friends always bring food and drink to parties and are very generous so I knew there was going to be enough to go around even if I didn't get off my arse and go shopping; I was out of cash, so couldn't give the guy who (voluntarily) went to get wine and then eggs any money and he refused to be paid back later when I had some; and I have friends who seem to enjoy reading dictionaries.

But mostly I'm just evil.

Crawlspace said...

Hmmm, dictionaries are dangerous to have in a crowded room.

Merry new year

Lucy said...

Reading dictionaries can be fun :)
Happy New Year!

Vinny said...

Wow. I think I was at that party.

Reading the dictionary? these days it changes so quickly it could be a game!

Weekend_Viking said...

's ok, I forgot my camera for firework photography too.

Re food, well, they pay me so much that I have to find _something_ to spend it all on that isn't student loan repayments. And besides, we took you on extended shopping trip earlier in the afternoon, I'm sure you didn't need more time in shops that day.

Did you know it takes fifteen hours to drive from your town to our town if you don't stop (except for petrol,food and books.)

StyleyGeek said...

WV, you are crazy! You drove for 15 hours? I'm glad you made it in one piece, but I don't think you should do it again!