Sunday, January 07, 2007

Nothing to say

The last couple of days I've felt like I've had nothing to blog about. Sure, I could complain about the guy at the gym who not only used the squat cage for deadlifts (which he could have done pretty much anywhere else in the gym) but then left the bar loaded up with 100 kg even once he saw that I was going to use it next and would have to unload the whole thing myself. But that would be a boring story, so I won't tell it.

I could blog about the best novel ever in the whole entire world (and it's even available as a free e-book!). But I might read more of it and change my mind. I'm not absolutely certain yet that it has a plot. (It does, however, have a consortium of uploaded virtual lobsters that are desperate to defect from Microsoft. And that makes up for pretty much any possible disappointments to come.)

I could grump about how I'm having no luck at all finding a birthday present for my mother, since she has requested a hand-painted silk scarf and the only place I know that sells those within my price range is closed until February (plus she has very specific colour requirements ever since she 'had her colours done' a few years back and discovered that anything on her upper body ought to be or incorporate 'hot pink'). But whining about that would make me sound (and feel) ungenerous.

I could write about a couple of productivity tips that I forgot to include in my post a few days ago, like keeping a piece of paper next to you while working so you can jot down any sidetracks in your research that occur to you that you might want to investigate later (and also for those random burning questions that you feel you must ask Google but that will take you down the internet surfing procrastination pathway to doom.)

I could put in a plug for JabRef, which is an awesome (and free!) program I just discovered for managing BibTex files. My former method of editing the .bib files directly in Notepad was starting to wear thin. Now I just have to try and persuade our department IT mollusks to install Java for me (no admin rights for Styleygeek).

I could write about how Geekman might have could have maybe been bitten by a snake last night. Except that he wasn't.

I could recommend the Speculative Grammarian to any linguists among my readers: a hilarious online linguistics satire magazine, kindly brought to my notice by someone who probably doesn't want me to mention them. (So I won't.) But it has linguistics sudoku puzzles. With the IPA! A Proto-Indo-European crossword! And a pick-your-own adventure game that takes you through the non-existent wacky world of linguistics careers (I ended up as an alien language creator for FarStar GateSpace Atlantian-3 and having a threesome with Claudia Black and Ben Browder, in case you're wondering.)

Okay, so it looks as though my problem might actually be that I have too much to say. So I won't say it after all. Not right now.


Weekend_Viking said...

Claudia Black and Ben Browder? Damn, so jealous, Claudia Black has _the_ sexiest eyebrows on screen anywhere.

Welcome to the world of Charlie Stross addicts. My name is Weekend_Viking and I've been reading Stross for a little over a year now. I try to hold it down to a level lower than his publishing rate, but generally fail.

Although if it helps, I have four or five of his other books I could lend you...

Weekend_Viking said...

ps: We do have some fairly fine silks, although not sure if we have one fine enough for hand painting. Describe what sort of silk you want, and we'll see if we have something that may suit.

wolfa said...

Oh, I don't care about being identified, I just figured that you were the only reader of mine who'd enjoy them, and why not pass the link on directly?

I didn't see the crossword before, though.

I've never heard of hot pink being someone's colour. Usually they give you a range of colours, no? Your mother isn't, I suppose, someone who will take a belated birthday gift with much grace?

Anonymous said...

yeah the lobsters are good, though I have to admit that these days its hard from SF authors to keep aheadof the curve and make ou think they're actually talking about the future ( )


StyleyGeek said...

WV, thanks for the offer, but her birthday is on Friday, which is probably not enough time to get hold of silk from you, learn silk painting and paint it myself :) And as Wolfa suggested, my mother would not be very happy about a late present.

Also, I'd like to know how you manage to read his books faster than he publishes them :) Are his other books as good as this one?

Wolfa: she did get a range of colours, but I don't remember all of them. And the woman who did it apparently told her that she should always wear something hot pink on her upper body or near her face, which my mother has taken to heart in a scary, scary way :)

Mila: thanks for the link. That is equal parts hilarious and disturbing.