Monday, January 22, 2007


There are too many of them. Specifically, in my room. Which is not my room, hence the many people who keep coming into it.

It has now been ten days since I have been anywhere where I could go into a people-less place and close the door and not expect someone to follow me in and rummage around (due to room-sharing considerations) or perch on the edge of the bed/couch and have a chat (due to me sleeping in the lounge and them feeling a need to 'entertain' me).

Right now we are at my brother's house in Wellington, which is funky and awesome*, but also has a bunch of funky and awesome flatmates, who insist on being funky and awesome at regular intervals all through the house. Oddly enough, my brother went out "for an hour or two to have coffee with friends" nearly two days ago and hasn't been seen again since. But that works out well, since there is only one room, and three of us competing for a bed. (His flatmates also seem to have a complex bed-sharing roster system due to some of them working by day and others having some sort of night job.)

I am feeling vaguely guilty for not making more of an effort to find out where my brother is, but his flatmates assure me he does this a lot and will be perfectly okay. Plus, no brother = fewer people! And people (in case you haven't guessed) are currently driving me up the fruitloop.

I think I need some quality time inside a sound-proof box.


* When I wrote this I meant to refer to 'my brother's house', but on consideration, Wellington is funky and awesome too, so I'll leave the ambiguity in.


Lucy said...

I hope you find a sound-proof box somewhere! I hate not having any time alone, too.

JustMe said...

omg, i would be screaming right about now i were you. good luck getting a bed!