Thursday, January 04, 2007

More visitors

Rumours of the bountiful, ever-renewing pile of birdseed on our balcony are spreading far and wide. Unlike certain greedy rotters, today's visitor didn't eat any of the seed, though; he just spent a long time pacing back and forth, presumably inspecting for health and safety violations.


post-doc said...

He's clearly showing off his, head thingie. (I don't know birds so I'm unfamiliar with the vocab. Sorry!) But I do like his head thingie and hope he found no glaring health or safety violations so he can return. :)

StyleyGeek said...

I like his pretty head thingie too. I think it's called a crest, but I'm not really a bird nerd either, I just like taking photos of them.

He appears to have approved, because he spent the next day or so sitting in the tree above the balcony squawking at us, and now he's walking back and forth along my roof gutter, pulling out twigs and leaves and throwing them down to the ground. It's great to have assistance with that, actually: I hate clearing the guttering!