Thursday, January 04, 2007


I just discovered some locally(ish)* grown, organic coffee** that tastes great, comes in six or seven different blends and roasts, both ground and as whole beans, and... wait for it... is no more expensive than the cheaper of the big brands I usually buy (Melitta, Robert Harris, Vittoria). This is so exciting!

I've always felt guilty about buying from big nasty exploitative coffee companies and about the long distances my coffee flies to get to me, but I also can't really afford to double or triple the amount I spend on coffee beans by buying fair trade brands. So it's great to find a compromise that I can afford. I might not be directly supporting poverty-stricken coffee growers in the third world, but at least I'm not contributing to their exploitation anymore either.


* i.e. grown less than 1000 km away, which is local by Australian standards. It's even within the state that my city would be in if the Powers Wot Be hadn't decided this town was important enough to be its own little state all by itself.

** Warning: clicking on that link will take you into website hell. They obviously don't make enough from their coffee sales to afford anyone other than a bunch of local ten-year-olds to do their html. Maybe if I buy enough of their coffee they'll be able to afford a webpage redesign.