Thursday, January 10, 2008

Life after the technological apocalypse

A typical evening in our house lately:

6 pm: Arrive home, collapse in front of the computer to catch up on blogs and news. Oh wait, that's right: we don't have internet at home right now.

6:30 pm: Time to cook dinner. Open cupboards, find bag of lentils, half a carrot, and a whole heap of tomatoes. Think to self, I bet there are some Indian dishes I could make with these ingredients; I'll just go check out some Indian sites on—oh wait. No internet.

7:25 pm: Debate with Geekman about the purpose of human nose hair. Neither of us can handle the open-endedness of a discussion that can't be resolved by Wikipedia.

7:30 pm: I wonder what's on TV? Go to look up TV times online. Oh wait...

8:30 pm: Decide to do some knitting. Except, I've just got to the tricky bit in my pattern... which is online.

8:35 pm: Try to use dishwasher for the first time in this new apartment. Totally baffled by the dials and rinse aid holder. If only I had a copy of the manual. I bet it's available online.

8:40 pm: Still wondering about nose hair.

8:45 pm: Decide to call a friend. Except that her phone number, like most other important numbers, is stored in my email.

9 pm: I would really really like to read blogs, play scrabble, read the news, or aimlessly surf the web right now. Since these aren't options, I reluctantly settle down to do some work.

9:01 pm: Realise I left some important files on my university computer. Not a problem—I can ftp them. Oh, wait.

9:15 pm: Filled with a burning desire to know how closely arachnids are related to crustaceans. Curse my lack of Wikipedia access.

9:30 pm: Geekman suggests baking some muffins. But no! Our favourite muffin recipe is on the internet, and we've never printed it out, because we'll always have the internet, surely.

10 pm: Give up and go to bed. Lie awake wondering about nose hair and arachnids.


Kelly said...

ohh...poor you. :( I hesitated to even leave you a comment because reading it involves the internet.

Surely there is an end in sight. When will the Gods of Internets descend upon your house and get you hooked up?

When you are back in the land of the connected, you must join Ravelry if you haven't already. (I'm "kelly42".)

StyleyGeek said...

Fortunately I am still able to use internet at university, so comments are still welcome!

The Gods of the Internet are trying to hook us up currently, but it doesn't help that our phone line appears to have been killed by Telstra. It was working for 24 hours, and then stopped. Now when we call our number we get someone else who is very confused to have our number instead of his.

canuck_grad said...

For someone who doesn't have internet access at home you seem to change your Facebook status a lot :)
Are you at the university at 8pm Eastern Time? Or is Australia one of those cell phone countries where everyone does internet access and msn-ing and so forth on their cell phones?

WhatLadder said...

Oh, lol.

I popped by to tell you to join Ravelry, too. But someone already did, and well, it is a community of people who have internets.

ScienceGirl said...

ohh, the withdrawals!! If this helps any, I am just as lost without internet connection. Hope you get hooked up soon!

StyleyGeek said...

As far as I can tell, 8pm EST is 12 noon here, so yes.

But also Facebook is doing some random thing where it cycles my last two status updates and reloads them each every 10 minutes or so. I have no idea why and can't be arsed finding out.

liina said...

Did you go to bed without any dinner??

canuck_grad said...

I see that now - your Facebook appears to have gone crazy! Very strange. Hope it gets sorted out soon and your internet issues too. I sent your post to my husband so he could laugh about how it sounds like me.

Geeka said...

nose hairs are there to block things from getting in.
Much like ear hair and the cilia in our bronchus.

Just my bit to help

Amanda said...

YES! We have limited wireless access and yesterday, we decided we wanted to see a movie, but the times were listed online. Then we wanted to make vegan mac and cheese, but the recipe was online. Scary, isn't it?

EcoGeoFemme said...

I only just got internet at home in November. I have not done anything else since.