Monday, January 28, 2008

Sad, but probably true

Overheard in the fruit and vege market, a mother unloading berries, mangoes, and asparagus at the checkout, talking to her 8-year-old daughter.

Mother: "These are healthy and yummy."

Daughter: "Yay! Blueberries! Why can't we have yummy healthy food all the time?"

Mother: "Because it's too expensive. Once a week is okay, but normally you can have either healthy or yummy."


Arbitrista said...

Now I'm just totally depressed.

RageyOne said...

I think you should re-title this post, "sad, but true" because it is. Yes, very depressing.

grace said...

What is it with blueberries that they cost so much?? You can buy them cheaply frozen for baking with, which is something.

I always have yummy fruit and veg that is cheap and in season, but I'm not too picky about exactly what it is. And OK in the winter it's mostly fairly dull.

One thing I do recommend if you have a big enough freezer is to buy up eggplants and capsicums when they are cheap and plentiful in the late summer (my grocer has huge bags of "seconds" for a couple of dollars each) and chop them up and bag them into the freezer. Then all winter you can fry them up in curries - you throw them in the frypan frozen and they come out great. (*Don't* defrost them in the mircowave as they will go rubbery)

Miss M. said...

Grace - I am totally trying that trick with the eggplant and capsicum this year!

Dorie said...

It seems that by the time the produce makes it here to the Eastern US, not it's not that fresh, and it's too expensive. Today I weighed two small tomatoes and decided against the cost! We're making do with salsa and frozen veggies until it's time to get the garden going again.