Monday, August 25, 2008

Apparently, working "late" is the exception, not the norm

We just got an email from the university sent to all staff (all 3000+ of us), asking us, in light of a recent robbery on campus, to please let Security know whenever we are going to be working later than 6pm or in the weekends.

I sure hope they've set up some extra phone lines.


~profgrrrrl~ said...

I don't know. This might be permission to all to go home early :)

Hermitage said...

If that is the case, profgrrrrl, I will single-handedly stage a frequent and massive crime spree across my department. I have a very serious Lost addiction to attend to.

Science Bear said...

Considering the week I've had (and it's only Tuesday), I would think it would just make working late harder. They tried to implement this at a former (research based) workplace of mine. After they "disciplined" a few employees for not contacting a security guard to walk them to their car, MANY more people started calling--they discontinued the policy after about 3 weeks.

In my opinion, it's a serious underestimation of the number of people who have to work non-nine-to-five hours.