Tuesday, August 26, 2008

So that was a waste of time

Today we had our first counselling appointment for the egg donation. The counsellor irritated the hell out of me by behaving like a stereotype. And I hated her skirt. (Yes, I'm superficial. But dude, a bright blue leather miniskirt? You would have to be 16 to make that work.)

If there's one thing that pisses me off in a counsellor, it's cliche-speak. I think that Geekman and I were pretty much in agreement with that, though, as he whispered to me at one point, "If that woman uses the word 'space' one more time, I'm going to make her define it. Using mathematical equations."

Also? Admitting that you don't usually do egg donation cases since you are filling in for a colleague, but that you did some 'research' on the issues yesterday? That's not going a long way towards giving us faith in your competence.

So then there was half an hour of (fairly obvious) questions (about issues that just about everyone I've ever discussed egg donation with has also brought up) posed like she was so proud of herself for thinking of them. And 'how did that make me feel'? It made me feel like I should be patting her on the head and praising her for good thinking.

And by the way, did I mention the skirt?


Jana said...

Flashback: it's twelve years ago and Geekman is facing another counsellor, saying mutinously, "What do you mean, space?"

Kate said...

Our counselor was useless too. Really irritating and useless. And I do have some faith in the process of listening with attention... but not with those folks.